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Life insurance to protect heirs from debt

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The expansion in the growth of using credit is partially due to lower interest rates. The paradox is that low-interest rates lessen the interest payments to reduce debt while at the same time motivate people to assume much more debt.

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship. Benjamin Franklin

Debt Affects Family Savings Increased spending is often supported by increasing debt loads. When debt overburdens your resources to repay what you owe, you may need debt counselling that may lead to debt consolidation.

Do Your Math If your expenses exceed your income, you will increase your debt if you rely on credit. Amassed debt can undermine otherwise healthy finances and the ability to invest for retirement. Saving indicates a stewardship that respects the fact that money is the only symbol of trade for a company’s goods and services exchanged for an individual’s energies.

Reduce Debt and Save More The amount of savings often advised is based on the age-old recommendation to save 10-20% of your disposable income.

Interest rates on borrowed money can always increase so it important to realize that low-interest rates do not last forever. Always plan to service the debts that you take on today.

Beware of the potential consequences of taking on significant debt. Life events such as loss of employment or income, a change in family status or a serious illness, can cause a huge drain on finances.

Life insurance protects your heirs It is important to insure all your household debt with life insurance as these liabilities can be paid off tax-free in the event of death. If you are one of the main breadwinners in a family, call your life insurance specialist today.

Talk to your advisor about life insurance to protect your heirs.



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